Sleep is your friend

‘A good nights sleep will help with your symptoms’

‘Sleep is good for you’

I used to be terrible with my sleep, staying up until 4am, then getting up at 7/8am for University. I thought that’s just who I was, I accepted that I lived in a constant state of exhaustion, and I accepted the emotional exhaustion that with the physical exhaustion.

Now I force myself to get into bed, make a caffeine free tea and read a book. It could be the meds I’m on that have stopped the extreme mood swings, but getting enough, and enough decent sleep certainly does help. I never thought I would be that type of girl, I won’t lie, I’m still a night owl at heart and don’t enjoy going to bed early, and once the weekend hits I’m up until 2am and sleeping all morning. But it’s so much better than the extremely emotionally unstable alternative I was experiencing before.

Tea: Twinnings Salted Carmel Green Tea – certainly gets my approval and I’m not a green tea fan!

Book: only just started, it’s good so far but won’t comment just yet!

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